Gap Analysis and IT controls

IPA offers to companies, information technologies capable of controlling corruption and organized crime phenomena, through:

  1. The initial assessment to highlight critical issues in their own business relationships.
  2. The analysis of activity areas and evaluation of areas most exposed to risk.
  3. The identification of critical areas.
  4. The planning of a non-stop monitoring system.
  5. The implementation of IT systems.

The software services offered by IPA:

  • Intelligence for risk protection (KYC, KYE, KYS, KYX).

An "at risk" names database provided with the software, for online consultation and interfacing information system.

  • Pythagoras partner screening

Pythagoras Partner Screening ensures efficient and constant monitoring of business relationships with people or entities at high risk. The automate registry checks allow the compliance team to focus only on alert management. The ability to screen, even in native characters, supports both global and local needs.

  • Pythagoras risk management (risk profile)

The Pythagoras Risk Management module provides a partner’s risk profile and allow the integration of corporate risk evaluation methodologies. Risk evaluation can include features such as: exposure risk, country risk, business relationship risk. The module allows a multidimensional evaluation and a very flexible configuration.

  • Related part management

The B-RPM solution allows related parties verification from companies or individuals through the Bureau Van Dijk database for continuous monitoring.

  • Pythagoras transaction screening

Pythagoras Transaction Screening allows the identification and management of all parties involved in payments in real time, comparing payment information with a predefined reference set data of your choice.

The learning system software stores recurring parts and monitors them to check for changes in reference data.

  • Pythagoras Instant Payment

Pythagoras Instant Payment allows scanning and management of SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) payments within the Pythagoras suite.

  • “Bad Payers”

The “Bad Payers” software provides, those who apply for a new credit, an important "recommendation" to banks and financial companies. The credit " recommendation " allows those who request a loan to obtain a response in a short time and, potentially, to get conditions appropriate to their profile, and for those who grant a credit to get the profile of the applicant.

Through this service, IPA guarantees:

  • The World-Check database user introduction (another database can be used as well).
  • The massive analysis of the personal data, to highlight the existing risks in business relationships with customers / suppliers / partners
  • 24 hours personal data monitoring.
  • Related companies’ commercial analyses and automatic monitoring (beneficial owners, shareholders, management boards and intermediate shareholders).
  • Verification of payment systems (Swift, Sepa, etc.).


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