Bribery, Corruption And Organized Crime Prevention

The field of intervention against corruption, more than identifying specific conducts, is aimed at the regulation and proceduralization of specific activities.

The logic of prevention is preferred over repression: a change of perspective, whereby situations in which risk is merely potential- as in case of "seeming" conflict of interest - become relevant and is required, in its presence, to take actions of "removal" with choices that sometimes completely ignore individual behaviour.

The fundamental responsibility to avoid attempts of crime leakages lies with companies and administrators.

Not implementing contrast to this risk from the beginning entails consequences at different levels.

The actions that entrepreneurs can take to defend their businesses and themselves are several.

Our solutions aim to operate on what "can happen" and not only on what has happened. The focus shifts from the crime pathology to the risk presence. The strategy addresses to avoid and clear conflicts of interest, in a drawing made of specific measures and sectoral regulations.

A first level of intervention is linked to a rigorous monitoring of corporate functions, to implement control mechanisms. Entrepreneurs and managers need elements that allow them to "perceive" the existence of a risk, even when this is not clear out yet.

The service offered by IPA is customized on the client's needs, both in terms of procedures and specialization of the consultants in charge.

The service operational activities:

1. Analysis of activity areas and evaluation of the most risk-exposed areas.
2. Analysis of company organization chart.
3. Job description analysis.
4. Critical areas identification.
5. Company procedures preparation.
6. Continuous monitoring system predisposition.
7. Implementation of IT procedures for the identification and monitoring of Staff and third parties
(suppliers, subcontractors, etc.).
8. Operating methods and Staff activities training.
9. Ongoing internal audit on adopted procedures, through periodic appointments and IT systems.
10. Periodic reports to governance.
11. Implementation of anti-organized crime and / or anti-corruption procedures (In accordance with
customer requests).
12. Examination and upgrade of the already adopted 231/01 model (Optional in case of anti-corruption and anti-organized crime services stand – alone use).
13. Implementation of Whistleblowing procedure (Optional or in addition to anti-corruption and antiorganized crime services).

IPA also offers about corruption and anti-organized crime prevention:

1.1 Corruption prevention and transparency.
1.1.1 Preliminary consulting for the "supplementary measures to those already embraced pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001".
1.1.2 Support to accomplish the transparency obligations pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 33/2013.
1.2 Anti-corruption Code.
1.2.1Preliminary consultancy for the Anti-corruption Code.
1.2.2 Assistance to the "anti-corruption" business unit.
1.3 Implementation consulting for an appropriate enterprise risk management program (ERM).
We provide management support over risk management program implementation (Enterprise Risk
Management), through the design of a centralized structure that coordinates the individual business units work.
1.4 Supplies, orders, and tendering procedures management consulting.
Our service aim to improve the compliance system regarding supplier control, Staff turnover, participation in tenders and traceability of communications.
1.5 Incentive system implementation consulting.
We assist our clients to align human resource behaviour with the organization's expectations. We pursue the purpose of integrating the incentive system with employees and performance evaluation criteria.


Bribery, Corruption And Organized Crime Prevention

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