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Companies are exposed to corruption and organized crime infiltration risks that could undermine their reputation.

Our company comes from the growing request for protection from such situations. As a matter of fact, the strategies of criminal enterprises that aim at investing and acquiring control even on large-sized legal enterprises, through the supply of subcontracting services, are increasingly widespread.

Any organized crime infiltrations and customers, suppliers, and clients’ corruption damage the company's reputation, have criminal consequences, and affect the financial statements. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt operating procedures - as well as conduct codes - directed to reducing and / or eliminating the risk deriving from relations with third parties.

The 231 models have not hit the mark so far but have merely performed a function of exemption for entities in charge of administrative infractions. Their implementation did not prevent from serious complications occurrence and criminal proceeding consequences.

We, therefore, ask ourselves: How can we protect ourselves from this type of risk? How can we try to solve the problem?

In response to these needs and to manage this type of risk, IPA works with a multidisciplinary team of expert and high-quality specialized consultants, holding the necessary savoir-faire and the most suitable procedures.

Nobody better than judicial administrators, prosecutor consultants, ANAC anti-corruption experts, who make up our team, can transfer the experience gained in the field to create adequate and effective prevention and control systems.

IPA offers integrated multidisciplinary consultancy and provides groups made up of professionals, with different degrees and types of experience, to assist customers in a complex market dominated by strong international monitoring variables.

At the centre of our Vision, there is the search for new solutions and the correct application of operational and management models linked to the ability to exploit all the opportunities that the market, technology, and regulations offer to constantly improve and create valid and competitive advantages .

For this reason, we intend to become a point of reference for all companies believing that through corporate culture development and continuous improvement is possible to give impetus to the future.


Bribery, Corruption And Organized Crime Prevention

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Crime Prevention Advisory

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Gap Analysis and IT controls

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Reputational Due Diligence

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